Coronavirus Information

The Staverton House Care Home Visiting Procedure

As of March 12th 2021, Care Home residents are permitted to receive 2 visitors. These can be two visitors together or individual visits.

The National Testing Programme has rolled-out visitor testing in care homes. We continue to offer regular testing of visitors, and when combined with other infection prevention and control measures (such as PPE), supports more meaningful visits with loved ones. We are determined to work with families to find the right balance between the benefits of visiting on wellbeing and quality of life, and the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to social care staff and vulnerable residents.

Please continue to contact the home to book appointments to visit. Window visiting continues. These run from 10:30hrs to 18:50hrs Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays for half hourly visits. Please note that at present only two named visitors per resident is permitted for face-to-face visits. These will be held on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 11am, 2pm and 4pm. We will review visiting times regularly and amend accordingly depending on the number of bookings we receive.

The following sets out more about what the testing process involves, what it will mean for you and other precautions we ask that you to continue to take to keep your loved ones and our residents and staff safe.

In the event of an outbreak in our care home, please note that apart from exceptional circumstances, visits will be immediately suspended.

The Government has announced that Lateral Flow tests are now available to all.

If you wish to undertake a test at home yourself prior to visiting please confirm this when you book your visit. Please follow instructions for registering your test and enter our UON number (10180958). Please also enter the following email address to evidence your NEGATIVE result:
We do have a supply of LFT tests at present which will enable us to provide regular visitors with test kits. If you wish for us to provide you with a test kit please let us know. You will also receive a step by step instruction booklet.

We are also able to offer relatives/visitors individual training of how to test yourself using an LFT test. Again, please let us know and we can arrange this for you.

What does testing involve?

You will be asked to take a test using a new technology called a Lateral Flow Test (LFT). You will be tested 30 minutes before visiting to check if you currently have Covid-19. We may conduct your test from you whilst you remain in your vehicle.

For this, we will ask you to do a throat and nose swab every time you visit and then we will let you know your result in 30 minutes. We will ask you to complete the swabbing yourself, supervised by a trained staff member. A swab is a small piece of soft, absorbent material on a plastic stick that is used to take a sample from your nose and throat.

The test is very straightforward, and you will be supported throughout the process by a member of staff from the care home. Full instructions will be provided to you upon your scheduled visit.

Key steps you should be prepared for during the test include:

1. Before you first enter the care home

  • You will sanitize your hands using alcohol gel dispenser located in the front porch. You will be provided with PPE and asked to put it on (DON) as directed by a member of staff. This will include mask and apron.
  • Your temperature will be taken by a member of staff.
  • You will be asked to complete an individual risk assessment and sign a consent form to take the test and share test results with us.
  • You will be checked in for your visit.

2. Take your test:

  • After you check in, you will be given a swab.
  • You will then need to take your own throat and nose swab, supervised by one of our trained staff members. We will walk you through how to swab yourself which will only take about 30 seconds to do. We can do this for you if you prefer.
  • Once you have handed over the swab, you will be asked to wait until your result is ready which will take approximately 30 minutes. You may wait in your vehicle whilst waiting for your test results.

3. You will also be asked to register your test.

  • This is how NHS Test & Trace can link you to your test sample and collect contact details to send you your result.
  • This will be an online form that can be completed on a smart phone.
  • If you cannot complete this form yourself, a staff member can help you.
  • To complete the registration form, our staff will provide you with:
    • 4 copies of your test kit barcode — used to track your individual test.
    • The test site ID/UON number — used to link your test to the care home.

4. What does my result mean?

We will tell you your result and NHS Test & Trace will also send your result via SMS and/or the e-mail that you provided on the online registration form.

  • Positive – you will not be able to visit. You must go home immediately and self-isolate. You will have to take a second test which is a confirmatory PCR test which we will provide and register for you. You will receive your result in around 72 hours, and you need to self-isolate until you get your result. If you test positive, NHS Test & Trace may contact you and ask you for your contacts. You will need to continue isolating for up to 10 days.
  • Inconclusive – we will ask you to do another LFT test. If this is inconclusive too, we will discuss your visit with you.
  • Negative – your visit will be able to go ahead, as long as you comply with all other infection prevention and control measures (see below). This does not guarantee that you do not have Covid-19, so we still need to make sure visits take place in a safe way, such as ensuring you wear your PPE at all times. If you have any questions about this, please do ask.

It is important to recognise that a negative test will provide us with some assurance as to whether you are carrying the COVID-19 virus. However, it is not a guarantee. To keep your loved one and our care home safe, we ask that you please follow the below guidelines:

  • Stay home if you are feeling unwell, including if you have a fever, a cough or a change in your taste and smell.
  • Follow national guidance outside of your visit, including limiting your contact with other people and wearing a mask in public if possible.
  • Observe social distancing with anyone outside of your household or bubble and wash your hands regularly.

During your visit – Do’s and Don’ts

Inside the care home, we ask that you continue to wear your face covering and any other PPE that you were asked to wear by a member of staff. Please continue with our visiting policy throughout the visit.

Other behaviours that are allowed during your visit:

  • Provided you are wearing appropriate PPE and following other infection control measures, it will be possible for you to have physical contact with your loved ones, such as holding hands.

Behaviours that are not allowed during your visit:

  • Taking off any PPE according to guidance from the member of staff.
  • Entering any part of the home that is not designated for your visit.



The Relatives’ Gateway is a computerised care planning system, where family members can log in from home or work and read what their loved one has been doing throughout the day. Relatives will also be able to see photos of activities that they have been enjoying on a daily basis. The portal can also be used by family members to give us information so that we can deliver the best possible care for our residents. It also enables a greater involvement of a resident’s social network, promoting inclusive and transparent care.

The Relatives’ Gateway is a secure portal used by the residents Next of Kin to share messages and photos. It can also be used to remotely update care records and where necessary family members can read and electronically sign documents. This facility gives greater peace of mind as it reduces worry and concerns from family members as they can see up to date records and charts.


The relative can also send photos and messages to their elderly loved ones in the Care Home using the same secure online portal. This enables both parties to be able to keep in touch with one another, this is particularly useful when you are on holiday. It could also be used to pass on a message, share updates or to let them know when you will next be visiting.

Staverton Home will be able to share photos with you of your loved one enjoying activities or a special moment. The Relatives’ Gateway enables residents and their family and friends to stay connected and improves their quality of life.


Once relatives start actually using the Relatives’ Gateway they feel less of a need to phone the care home daily to check up on their loved ones between visits, since the information provided by the system is so good. Even simple graphs can be shared with the Next of Kin. The information is so accurate it gives families confidence and greater peace of mind. Care homes can even give access to care records without compromising confidentiality.

You are able to leave messages for the care team or care manager and see photographs of your loved one in the home.

We are able to share information with you if your loved one has consented or if you have POA for health or if it’s in the resident’s best interest.

You will receive an invitation to join Relatives Gateway by email.

If you have updated your email address please let us know.

If you have any questions, please contact the home.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation. Staverton Care Home continues to work hard to support and improve meaningful visits with our residents, your loved ones.

Warmest regards